A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

SOURCE: Delish.com

Thanksgiving is a time for warm gatherings with close family and friends and a solid meal. For many – perhaps most – that meal involves traditional turkey on the main plate. But if you happen to require a gluten-free diet – either for yourself or a guest, or you’re a vegan, some items on the main plate will require adjustment. We visited Delish.com to find you some outstanding vegan and gluten-free recipes perfect for your Thanksgiving feast.
Gluten-Free Thanksgiving
Gluten is a protein found in most grains that can cause health problems and other sensitivities for some people. For those who have sensitivity to gluten and have to follow a gluten-free diet, Thanksgiving can be a challenge. That said, if gluten wasn’t invited to your place for Thanksgiving this year, have no worries.
This Thanksgiving, keep the potatoes flowing, and try some easy swaps to make stuffing, casseroles, and even pies gluten free. To help in your search for some wonderful gluten-free recipes, we suggest going to this site where you’ll find 44 gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes that everyone at your table will enjoy:

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