Being Hungry is an everyday Event

Helping the Homeless

Being Hungry is an everyday Event
Somedays to call attention to this problem are…
The Allentown Rescue Mission works every day to provide meals, shelter, and other services to our local homeless population. As we approach autumn and the holidays there are several other important dates that are approaching as well:
1) September is Hunger Action Month, a great time to donate to the Allentown Rescue Mission as the cold weather seasons approach
2) October 10 is World Homeless Day, a day that reminds us that there are millions of less fortunate than ourselves, and that more importantly, we can make an impact by helping to provide for our local population that needs our help
3) November 14-22 is National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week, a great time to remember that as Thanksgiving approaches, we can show our thanks for our good fortune by providing for those with less
Please join the thousands of donors in the Lehigh Valley by donating to the Allentown Rescue Mission. You can also donate your time through our Make & Serve Program or make purchases for the Mission via our AmazonSmile account.
For information on supporting the Allentown Rescue Mission please contact:
Rosaria Stoops
Development Manager
(610) 740-5500, ext. 348

Thank you for your support.


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