Injury Recovery Should Include Prescriptions Plus Natural Medicines

    Injury Recovery Should Include Prescriptions Plus Natural Medicines
    submitted by Cathy Hayes

    Suffer an injury – a twisted knee, a turned ankle – and you know what’s likely to come next: swelling and reddening of the damaged area.

    Inflammation is one of the body’s most common reactions to the stress of an injury, and while modern science has created many important drugs to help the body heal, some health professionals say holistic medicines should also be part of the prescription.

    Here’s why: An emphasis on alternatives to prescription drugs could reduce other issues, says Dr. Sanda Moldovan, a periodontist and nutritionist and author of HEAL UP!: 7 Ways To Faster Healing And Optimum Health (

    The most frequently prescribed medications worldwide are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, known as NSAIDs, and they have been linked to a higher increase in cardiovascular problems, heart attacks and strokes. In the United States alone, more than 70 million prescriptions are written for these drugs every year.

    “Prescription medications have their place, but discovering and using natural alternatives prevents potential narcotics abuse and lessens side effects,” Moldovan says. “Dr. Mother Nature is the best prescriber for healing and optimum wellness.”

    While a typical physician’s recommendations will include things to not eat or drink that will be helpful in making sure there is no specific reaction, making sure the entire body is in optimum health to fight an infection will typically shorten the recovery period, she says.

    “Nutritional interventions can assist the body’s capacity to fight any type of infection,” Moldovan says.

    She says there are many little known therapies that can help a person heal including IV nutrition, homeopathics, herbs, teas, oxygen/ozone, and even light and energy devices. A few of those include:

    Micro-current and low level laser therapy – speed up healing by using magnetic fields and laser energy

    Mind-Body Synchronization – Guided Meditation and relaxation techniques have been proven as ways to shorten the length of time for injury rehabilitation.

    Oxygen / ozone Therapy – Oxygen is all around us yet we underestimate its importance. The trend of hyperbaric chambers in private homes is evidence that more people are taking it seriously. Ozone therapy also aids in immune function and detoxification.

    Plants, herbs and teas – Current research has proven the efficacy of ancient plant medicines, which are now in better formulations and more purified for a better therapeutic effect.

    Patients should remember that the entire body is impacted by an injury even though the injury itself may be localized, Moldovan says. By treating the entire body wholistically, she says, it will assist the body in recovering faster.

    About Dr. Sanda Moldovan

    Dr. Sanda Moldovan ( is an award-winning board-certified periodontist and nutritionist, with practices in Beverly Hills and Manhattan. Her latest book on alternative medicine is HEAL UP!: 7 Ways To Faster Healing And Optimum Health . She is the creator of the Ask Dr. Sanda YouTube channel. As an authority on biological dentistry, anti-aging, and oral health, she is in demand nationally and internationally as a continuing education provider for dental and medical professionals. A former ambassador for Waterpik, Dr. Sanda can be seen on The Doctors TV show as the go-to oral health expert. A graduate of Ohio State University School of Dentistry, she did her post-graduate training at UCLA, where she received a Master of Science in Oral Biology


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