Coolest Treat Winner Of 2016


Q: What’s new at the lab?

A: Many new homemade flavors such as Smores, Summer Main flavor and Cookie Monster to name a few.

We will be opening Imagi Nation in the Dorneyville Shopping center. Imagine the anticipation as you approach the entrance to a city built to scale for children, complete with its own bank, market, post office, manufacturing company, media center, health/dental clinic and of course, Ice Cream Lab. This is no ordinary city, as children make all the decisions here, which companies to visit, what jobs to perform, how much money to make and where to spend or save it. This magical place where education is seamlessly blended with entertainment is not fictional; it’s called Imagi Nation.

Q: What’s your favorite ice cream?

A: Tandykake and Smores.

Q: What are the best sellers?

A: Homemade hard ice cream and soft sundaes.

Q: What led you to the ice cream business?

A: 26 years ago, my wife and I were unhappy with our jobs and were customers here.  The place was for sale and was only about three years old at the time.  So we flipped a coin and I won, so Wendy kept her job and I took over here.

Q: Now that this is your third win, what sets you above the rest?

A: Our homemade ice cream, open year round, and our ice cream cakes.


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