PA’S Playlist | Pottsville’s Crobot Teases Second Stellar Album With ‘Not For Sale’

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In an era when pop music and hip hop rule the charts as well as the airwaves, new artists in the rock genre often get smothered out of a chance at mainstream attention. It leaves modern rock bands with an opportunity to earn an underground and often niche fan base, but hinders their goal of obtaining large commercial success.

Pottsville, Pennsylvania’s Crobot exemplifies a band poised to break through that barrier and become a new voice for rock ‘n’ roll music that often is still held up by names of the past.

The band’s blend of modern, groove-driven riffs, classic blues influences and supernatural-themed lyrics give them an unmistakable identity from today’s sea of tiresome rock groups that dominate the genre’s diminishing radio presence with the same dull drone.

Crobot’s latest single “Not For Sale” continues what the band started with their debut full-length LP, Something Supernatural. The track marks the first single released from their upcoming sophomore album, Welcome to Fat City, set to be released on September 23.


It opens with an up-tempo, catchy riff from guitarist Chris Bishop, whose guitar licks have helped to propel the group into a groove rock powerhouse. Frontman Brandon Yeagley doubles as lead singer and narrator for band, as “Not For Sale” tells a story of souls and possessions with deeper meanings hidden within, a common structure that also has appeared in their previous work.

Crobot’s groove rock storytelling was on display for audiences since the release of Something Supernatural in 2014, as they toured with some of the biggest names in rock including Volbeat, Black Label Society and Anthrax. The band is additionally preparing for an August tour with Sevendust, an Atlanta-based heavy metal outfit that is well respected among metal fans.

Welcome to Fat City will be released via Wind-up Records and Nuclear Blast Records in September, and is poised be another solid hard rock album filled with heavy metallic riffs, catchy choruses and stories of other-worldly beings and entities that will turn casual listeners into “Beardos.” If “Not For Sale” mirrors the work of the rest of the band’s sophomore effort, Crobot is well on their way to establishing themselves as one of rock’s most dynamic and talented bands.


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