Pajamas Over People: Call It A Comeback

Three Shows I Hope Cash In On The Revival Trend

The era of choosing pajamas over people has come to a bittersweet end. Since I’m leaving my post as editor of the Gazette this month, I’m taking my columns with me. Animals Gone Viral will no longer appear, nor will this. The two have represented two of my passions and I was lucky enough to be awarded the creative freedom during my time here to write about both. Good news is, you can still catch my pop culture coverage over on my blog, If you’ve enjoyed reading this column—I know some of you have and I thank those of you who reached out specifically to tell me so—I hope you’ll continue to follow it at its permanent home.

Last issue, I explored the ongoing trend of TV show reboots. I talked about Girl Meets World, Fuller House, and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. (I also recently started binge-watching Prison Break for the first time, which will be returning next spring with a short sequel season. As addicted as I am to Michael Scofield’s pretty face these days, I’ll likely be tackling that topic soon too.) For my final piece, I’m concluding the theme with three shows that I would love to see come back somehow.

Thank you all for reading Pajamas Over People!


Buffy is my second favorite TV show of all time. It somehow managed to straddle the line between drama and comedy, action and romance, sci-fi and reality. Buffy Summers had a fictional calling, but she made it feel so very real. You wouldn’t think a show about werewolves, witches, demons, and “the forces of darkness” could make you laugh so hard your sides hurt or bring tears to your eyes, but Buffy managed to do both. Even though Buff was no longer the chosen one nor was she living on a Hellmouth by the series end, the potential is still there for some sort of whopping evil showdown that would force the Scoobies back together for a reunion special. My fingers (and toes) are crossed for the possibility.


The cast keeps insisting it’ll never happen, but there’s always hope. Unlike Will & Grace and How I Met Your Mother (two other beloved sitcoms of mine), Friends was the only one that didn’t jump into the future, squashing any potential for where a storyline could possibly emerge. A short movie about a milestone that brings the friends back together again would be plenty to make everyone happy. Fans have been clamoring for it and there’s no doubt it would pay off—the buzz surrounding their appearance for the James Burrows tribute this past February was proof. Give us our Friends!


The little show that tried and failed; I was pretty disappointed when Smash was canceled. It had all the makings of a fabulous musical—behind the scenes of Broadway, featuring actual Broadway vets! What it takes to start a show and take it all the way to the Tonys! But the first season faltered one too many times and even though the second season trimmed the fat and injected more original songs, the damage was done. The race to the finish line was a convoluted mess. The plot could easily pick right back up a few years down the line with a brilliant new idea for the stage, reuniting that group of talented individuals trying to pull it off again, but this time, do it right. OR, take one of the ideas from the show and put it on an actual Broadway stage (something that was once rumored to happen). Fans of the show probably wouldn’t hesitate to shell out some dough to see Bombshell or Hit List on the Great White Way.


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