PA’s Playlist | Kutztown Group “Manifest” offers a unique combination of hip-hop and soul


PA playlistThe town of Kutztown, Pennsylvania brings to mind mixed images of a typical rural community crossed with a close-knit college town. Old-order Mennonites in horse-drawn carriages can be seen on the same streets in which students anxiously hurry to class. Despite the college feel, Kutztown doesn’t seem like the kind of town to birth a talented hip-hop group, but after meeting at the college, Manifest has used the college town to earn the respect of listeners throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

The group, consisting of rapper Jake Supreme, singer Exodus and DJ Bray, produces a unique blend of hip hop and soul that has earned them spots supporting established acts within the genre as well as televised appearances.

Their 2016 EP, entitled Speaking Into Existence Part I, features four tracks of their trademark style that sets them apart from others in the genre. The first song on the EP, Heat, opens up with Jake Supreme’s vicious verses which reinforce his self-coronation as the underground king, because Supreme may be one of Pennsylvania’s most underrated rappers. Supreme’s bars complement the soulful voice of Exodus whose smooth vocals can be heard in the chorus of the song.

ManifestEverything to Prove is Manifest’s second track which offers a powerful, confident message that is worthy of a place on any pump-up playlist, as its chorus ushers in a catchy inspirational chorus that will raise the spirits of anyone looking for some motivation.

The third song on Manifest’s 2016 EP, Windowz, slows down the pace from the outfit’s opening two tracks. The vocals of Exodus truly shine showing that the trio can tackle the soulful nature of R&B as effortless as they can capture the spirited, brash nature of rap.

The final song on Speaking Into Existence, dubbed Sunrise, begins with a positive message to listeners. “This song goes out to anyone dealing with adversity in their life.” The positivity continues throughout the song with a powerfully upbeat chorus. The idea that there is always room for positivity, that every day presents a new opportunity and a blank page is expressed in the closing anthem on Speaking Into Existence Part I, which promises that each morning offers a chance to start anew.

The first installment of Manifest’s 2016 EP sets high goals for Part II of the young hip hop group’s Speaking Into Existence. Manifest is already teasing a new song called Pave The Way from Part II of Speaking Into Existence. Pave The Way, along with all of Speaking Into Existence Part I are available on the group’s SoundCloud page, with additional links available on the their Facebook page.


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