From the Editor’s Desk | 6/16/16: Support Family Businesses

lsOur annual Family Business edition is here, which means it’s time for you to rifle through our pages to find your friends and neighbors and make a mental note to support their endeavors this month. Whether that means visiting a local barber or enjoying a meal at a modest diner instead of giving your money to chain corporations, take the time to seek out the people doing their best to provide for your community.

We’ve always been appreciative of the smaller organizations in the area because they keep the Gazette alive. Our loyal advertisers are the reason we’re able to keep this publication free for you, our readers, so we thank them and we thank you for supporting your community by visiting their establishments and picking up our paper.

If you’d like to join us in spreading the word about your restaurant, shop, service, or event, please contact us via email at We’d be more than happy to help you get started. CALLING ALL ANIMAL LOVERS: Our next edition is our second annual “Animal Advocacy” issue. If your business caters to our furry friends in any way, you’ll receive a special advertising discount. Call us ASAP at 610-767-9600 for details.

Enjoy the sunshine,


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