Animals Gone Viral: Teddy the Spazman


Teddy the Spaz Man is “a funny rescue dog with a million expressions.” Part Coonhound, part Greyhound, he was found tied up outside of a rescue building in Georgia. It wasn’t long before he had a new home. At first, he didn’t know how to use stairs and was scared of most things, but especially loud noises and car rides. He’s since come out of his shell and has energy to spare, hence his name.

“I’m a diggin’, chasin’, rootin’, talkin’, howlin’, antagonizin’, dancin’, eatin’, beggin’ FOOL,” he says on his website. “I’m using my second chance in life to spread joy through my funny pics and captions.”

He’s been featured on BarkPost, has an impressive Facebook following, and posts regular updates to Instagram. Learn more about Teddy at


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