From the Editor’s Desk | 6/2/16: Happy Summer!

Happy summer, readers!

bio-277x300Technically, the start of the season is still a couple of weeks away, but with the first BBQ of the year under our belts and temperatures starting to climb uncomfortably high, it feels like it’s already here.

The Gazette, ever-evolving beast that it is, is undergoing even more changes these days which means some re-distribution of projects. Your introductions to each new issue will now be coming from yours truly. (In addition to continuing my features, Animals Gone Viral and Pajamas Over People. Do you read those? You should.)

You may have noticed our sleek new print layout design, put into effect in our Memorial Day issue last month. We’d love to hear what you think! Find us on Facebook, become a fan, and interact. We always welcome feedback from our loyal readers.

It’s now easier than ever to reach us—we’ve added a new email address specifically for press releases, articles, and community submissions. To get your news in our pages, write to us at and send us all your articles and photographs so we can help you share them far and wide across three counties. Want to advertise with us? Want to chat? 610-767-9600.

We’re looking forward to a fun summer of bringing you everything you need to know about what’s going on in the Blue Mountain area!

Until next time,


Read this issue’s features:

Animals Gone Viral

Cooking With Cat

Pajamas Over People



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