Animals Gone Viral: Positively Precious Puppies

AGV-PuppiesNational Puppy Day (March 23) is a brilliant thing—a celebration of all the little warm and fuzzies of the world, where social media explodes with throwback pictures of everyone’s pet pooch, where we all collectively acknowledge that there’s nothing better in life than snuggling a little ball of fur. The 2016 “holiday” yielded many a viral story as the internet delighted in liking, posting, and sharing allllll the puppies.

One story in particular got some worldwide attention thanks to BuzzFeed—from all the way over in Mumbai, a 5-year-old lab named Iris got to share her 2014 “journey to motherhood” through some truly adorable pictures. Her owner, Shreya Shetty, said it was Iris’ “beauty and grace” that inspired the documentation. Iris gave birth to six healthy pups named Auro, Bruno, Cierra, Daniel, Edgar, and Fiona. Their family photo album has been shared over 10,000 times since being posted on Puppy Day.

“I feel great knowing that these photographs and my baby’s story connected with people from all over the world at such a deep level,” Shreya told BuzzFeed. View the entire album at

Editor’s Note: Puppies are impossibly cute, we can’t deny that—but, the importance of spaying/neutering is not to be overshadowed. For every new puppy bred for photo shoots like this one, another homeless or unwanted animal winds up in a shelter (or worse). Please aim to adopt vs. shop and take a look at the rescue pets in every issue of the Gazette. 


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