Rescue Pet of the Week 2/26

Meet Ratatouille and Glen Coco.

(Someone likes movie references!)

drpem3xzef3kf.cloudfront-1Ratatouille is quite active! She loves to burrow and hide her toys. She absolutely loves her morning salads. When she hears the bag rustling, she wakes right up. Ratatouille does live with her best friend, so she asks that they be adopted together! If you wish to meet her, she is located at the Upper Bucks location in Quakertown.


Glen Coco is very laid back. She loves to hang out in her hammock for most of the day. Her morning salads make her days! She has a roommate named Ratatouille and they would like to stay together since they are best friends. If you would like to meet her, she is at the Upper Bucks location in Quakertown.

Upper Bucks SPCA
60 Reservoir Road
Quakertown, PA 18951

Not convinced rats make great pets? Read a few of these and you may change your mind!


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