Animals Gone Viral: This Girl Is A Squirrel


Rescued during 2012’s Hurricane Isaac, Jill is presumed to be around three years old and is now leading a super fabulous life. In a Throwback Thursday post, her human friend posted this little bit of backstory to go with a picture of a very tiny Jill:

“The day I first met Jill. My grandpa found her after cleaning up after a hurricane weeks before this photo was taken. As soon as I found out I started researching—what to feed her, how to keep her warm, safe, happy. If you would have told me then she would turn out to be the way she is now, I would have never guessed it. Squirrels aren’t for everyone. Just like some people prefer dogs to cats and birds to hamsters. Everyone has their type. But this girl, she and I were meant to be together.”

Shared by in October 2015, Jill has racked up over 183,000 followers. To become one of them, go to

Editor’s Note
While we think it’s amazing that some people are willing to open their hearts and homes to creatures in need, it should be emphasized that you should never deliberately try to domesticate a wild animal.


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