Animals Gone Viral: Cats vs. Cucumbers

AGV-Cats vs. CucumbersThe downside of funny animal videos going viral is how quickly cruel trends can start to spread. You may have noticed an increase in clips of cats freaking out after cucumbers have snuck up behind them while they’re snacking or napping. While everyone was debating the conundrum, “Why are cats so afraid of cucumbers?” they had to test the theory on their own feline friends to share their discoveries.

And everyone was missing an important component to the experiment—it’s not nice, or healthy, to scare your cat no matter how silly you think they look. It’s not a matter of cucumbers specifically being scary, but of cats being in a trusting state, like eating or sleeping, and finding something new and unfamiliar suddenly invading their space. National Geographic was quick to point out why this craze needs to die out quickly: “Trying to startle your cat on purpose could cause them to injure themselves. break something, or lead to prolonged stress.”

So while it may be funny to see how high your kitty can leap into the air, try finding a kinder way to play and let them in on the joke.


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