Animals Gone Viral: Movie Mondays with Elsie

ElsieElsie, a breast cancer survivor living in Manhattan, is spreading love and awareness through her whimsical and abstract pink paintings. When she’s not picking up a brush, however, she and her human are re-enacting famous movie scenes.

From their Facebook page—“Mission Statement: Mondays get a bad rap just like pitbulls. Rescued pitbull Elsie reenacts a movie scene every Monday with the goal of turning Mondays into the most anticipated day of the week. Here’s hoping we start your week off with a smile … it’s contagious, you know.”

While the pup has had a rough go of it with health scares and surgeries, her human told The Huffington Post in late August, “When you come to her page, it’s always going to be something funny and inspirational. If you’re having a bad day, you’ll hopefully find something there to make you smile.”

Elsie has continued to bring joy to others through her rendition of films like Cast Away, E.T., Ghost, and Up (pictured below). Search “Something Elsie” on Facebook and become one of her nearly 2,000 fans or follow her on Instagram @somethingelsied.



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