Animals Gone Viral: Bob’s Besties

AGVInterspecies friendships are all the rage these days and just one photo making the rounds of your cute pets loving each other is enough to grant you internet stardom. That’s the case with Bob, a golden retriever from Brazil, and his fuzzy family. Bob’s BFFs include eight birds and a fat little hamster. They snuggle. They sleep. They hang out. And they pose for the cutest darn pictures you’ve ever seen. The Huffington Post shared their story on July 6; at that time, their Instagram account only had over 53,000 followers. Today, that number has swelled to over 195,000! The media is crazy for them: USA Today, Mashable, The Chive, Daily Mail, and a hundred others have spread the word. Bob’s got all his pals in a row and they’re making waves in the pool of online superstars. To see more of Bob and his besties, follow them on Instagram @bob_goldenretriever.


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