Animals Gone Viral: Keelo & Koda

AGVWho says cats and dogs can’t get along? The adorable proof can be found in the photos of a sweet abandoned kitten named Koda and a patient golden retriever, Keelo. They live in the Philippines with their owner, Trisha de la Paz, who told The Huffington Post on June 30 that while their now six-year-old dog had always been calm, they still wondered if curiosity would kill the cat—how would he respond to such a small and spunky furball? And how would she get along with the gentle giant? They needn’t have worried. A time-lapse video posted to YouTube shows just how they quickly became inseparable during Koda’s first eight months with her new adopted family. Their Instagram account, which documents their golden friendship, has over 15,000 followers and you can become one of them


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