Rescue Pet of the Week 7/10

drpem3xzef3kf.cloudfrontMeet Oreo!

Oreo is a fun-sized little dutchie. He is only a year or two old and a super snuggler. Oreo’s preferred place to be is right next to you or on your lap getting pet. If you forget to keep petting him, he will give you some gentle nose bonks and hop on your lap. He is also a cute little player. He loves to just be given toys and things to rearrange where he wants them and to throw playfully in the air. His favorite things are cardboard tunnels though, and he can get some nice speed running through them. They are also great for hopping on top of it he feels he isn’t being given enough attention.

Oreo shows friendly interest in his bunny neighbors and would be a good candidate for bonding with another bunny. He is neutered and ready to find his forever human(s). Please email if you would like more information or to meet Oreo.

1049 MacArthur Road
Whitehall, PA 18052



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