Animals Gone Viral: Tiny Tiki Party

Even the cute and fuzzies of the world like to enjoy a perfect summer afternoon. Tiki party, anyone? The brilliant minds over at HelloDenizen—the same folks who brought us tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos, attending hedgehog birthday parties, feasting on a tiny Thanksgiving dinner, and going on tiny dates—have done it again, this time in tempting tropical fashion. (Seriously, can I get one of those smoothies?) Tiny Hamster and his hedgehog pal are poolside in episode six of his tiny adventures (watch below), enjoying luscious libations straight out of coconut shells complete with tiny cocktail umbrellas. So cute it hurts! Published May 12, the internet jumped on it faster than you can say “Cannonball!” BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, AOL, ABCNews, PopSugar, TastefullyOffensive, HelloGiggles, and a slew of other websites with equally embarrassing names picked it up immediately and it spread across the web at warp speed. The public can’t get enough and the creators are continuing to collect #TinyIdeas. Submit yours by visiting their YouTube channel!


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