Animals Gone Viral: @pupsinpajamas


So, what’s the latest crazy-cute craze? Puppies in PJs! A new Instagram account popped up Tuesday, April 14 as a way for folks to share photos of their fuzzy buddies all dressed down for bedtime in one fun place. @pupsinpajamas quickly became all the rage for those who can barely contain their gleeful squeals at the side of a golden retriever in a striped onesie. Or a mini bathrobe. Or footy-pajamas. Or snuggling their very own mini-me. Anyone who wishes to contribute to the collection can either send a direct message to the account or simply upload their furry friend and use the hashtag #pupsinpajamas for the chance to see their pal join the ranks of these precious faces. BuzzFeed, Bustle, Time, and many more quickly started sharing the joy in early May and the pups are on their way to internet stardom. Follow them @pupsinpajamas.


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