Animals Gone Viral: Blind Dog, Golden Smile


AGV - VSmiley the golden retriever is a Canadian pup who’s spreading his contagious joy to those in need of some canine lovin’. Born with a case of dwarfism—and no eyes!—he was rescued from a puppy mill when he was around one or two years old. His owner, Joanne George, had his eyelids sewn shut and decided he would make a wonderful therapy dog.

Smiley has been inspiring special needs kids and nursing home patients for the past seven years with his golden demeanor in spite of his hardships. George told CBS News, “Dogs can come back from anything, they forget their past. We as humans, dwell on the past.”

Smiley is now 10, so it’s hard to say why he unexpectedly exploded into internet fame, but his story suddenly splashed itself across social media and digital news outlets early last week. Everyone’s hearts are bursting with the big ball of love that is Smiley.

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