Animals Gone Viral: Maroon 5’s #1 Furry Fan

AGV(Photo courtesy of

The Adam Levine-driven (and massively popular) Maroon 5 has a huge fan in a Valley native—who’s also a German Shepherd.

Shelby of Bethlehem loves singing in the car about as much as the next person, but her jam is the band’s latest hit, “Animals.” Her parents, Christie Jephson and Brian Nicas, caught her howling along with Levine on a car ride and posted it to YouTube. Since Feb. 8, the clip has amassed almost 500,000 views. After being picked up by and iHeartRadio, Shelby howled herself right into viral internet fame.

As originally reported by the Express-Times, the engaged couple is using the buzz to advocate for animal rescue:

“When we first brought Shelby home, she was extremely timid and quiet; it was weeks before we even heard her bark. Now, her voice has been heard by hundreds of thousands of people,” Jephson said in statement. “Rescuing an animal is saving a life, and Shelby’s second chance is certainly worth singing about.”

View the adorable video below.


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