Animals Gone Viral: Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date


HelloDenizen returned with a new episode in their tiny hamster saga just in time for Valentine’s Day. We open on a chef carefully constructing the evening’s menu of “Perciatelli Pasta with Red Quinoa Meatballs.” The two furry Valentines are placed into their very own handcrafted gondola ride with heart-decorated shopping bags standing as little buildings. There are candles and little flower snacks, even champagne. They arrive at their final destination (Tiny Tony’s Restaurant) for a meal à la Lady & the Tramp, complete with accordion-accompanied ambiance. If you’ve never seen a hamster attempt to eat spaghetti before, trust me—you want to.

Published Feb. 9, the too-cute-to-handle video has been viewed almost 750,000 times. While that may not seem that impressive, HelloDenizen is still being discovered. (New videos are uploaded every month.) Luckily it has some big names saying big things, as demonstrated in their new trailer. Adweek called them “viral gold” and Time has dubbed them the “heroes of the internet.” Visit so you don’t miss their next tiny masterpiece and view the Tiny Date below!


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