Animals Gone Viral: Goodnight, Sleep Tight

GiselleI have a gigantic soft spot for warm and fuzzy critters. I got my first dwarf hamster as a freshman in college. They weren’t exactly allowed in the dorm, which made it all the more fun. My roommate and I each got a cute little ball of fur and I fell in love with Scooter and Twitchy’s itty-bitty feet and noses. In 2011, when I moved to NJ for a year, I got my second tiny hammy: Giselle (right). My sister named her after the princess-to-be in “Enchanted,” but she eventually amassed a variety of nicknames, my favorite of which was Lil Boop. Hell, I once stood in the PetCo rodent section for 40 minutes trying to contain my squeals.

Anyway, the point of all this is that when I see a viral video involving a dwarf hamster, I lose my mind a little. Enter this beyond precious clip shared by the Huffington Post last week entitled, “Hamster Gets Tucked Into Bed At Night, Is Treated Like Royalty.”

The hamster in question is named Enoki. She lives in a hamster apartment. She sleeps in a little hamster bed with a teeny hamster blanket. And according to her owner, she doesn’t go to sleep without a head massage. Needless to say, the video went wildly viral that day. You can see it for yourself below:


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