Animals Gone Viral: Puppies for Christmas

Every year, there’s usually that one thing Santa brought you that sticks out in your mind. That one thing that tops the rest. When you’re a kid, it can be that new bike you’ve been eying. When you’re a kid in this day and age, it might be that super cool iPad. But it’s pretty much a guarantee that if a box comes to you poked full of air holes and squeaky accessories, you’re going to remember that gift for the rest of your life.
HuffPost Good News (a refreshing place to read about all the happiness going on in the world) posted this compilation video of various YouTube users on Dec. 16, which pulled together all the overjoyed people who received a furry new companion on Christmas morning.
Finding a warm and fuzzy friend brings most of the video subjects to tears, and as any dog lover can attest, for good reason. It’s hard to handle the cute! The video was later picked up by BuzzFeed and other media outlets.
The Town & Country Gazette (and many animal advocacy organizations) would like to remind readers that an animal should never be given as a gift unless the giver knows, 100%, that the recipient wants an animal and has both the time and energy to commit to a new pet. Also, please opt to adopt. You can visit our website every Friday for a new Rescue Pet of the Week, sourced from local shelters via



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