Home Recycled Home: Can Tab Closet Organizer


I am keeping this one simple—no glue, scissors, or even tape required. Because, well, we are all looking for simple solutions to everyday conundrums.

0413-soda-tab-on-hangers-ljccVQ-lgnWhat you will need:

Two clothes hangers

One can tab

Step 1: Remove a tab cleanly and completely from the can. Make sure you bend it and pull to ensure clean edges.

Step 2: Loop the tab over the hook of one hanger and hang another hangar through the other end of the tab. The two should lay flat against one another.

This is a simple project that will double your closet space and help keep your outfits together in the closet. You can also paint the tabs fun colors to match your hangers if you so choose. 

Do you have an item (or a collection of items) that you are looking to recycle? Send a picture of your products over and I just might use them in a future project. Pictures should be emailed to awanamaker@townandcountrygazette.com. Please be sure to include your name and contact info.


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