Animals Gone Viral: A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving

HelloDenizen is back with their fourth video of tiny animals eating tiny food. Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast? So did these little critters—and they did it with pilgrim hats. The star of the show (said tiny hamster) had a few friends over for his holiday spread. They enjoyed the works: a tiny turkey (carved with a scalpel!), classic cranberry sauce, and even teensy slices of pie.

Published Nov. 18, the adorable holiday celebration has already racked up over a million views and naturally, it cropped up across a plethora of platforms like, HuffPost, Women’s Health Mag, and even Good Morning America.

The chefs would like viewers to rest assured about the animals’ diets, stating, “As always, we work with professional animal trainers to be sure that all the food is hamster/bunny/rat/cute animal safe!”

Keep suggesting #tinyideas via Facebook or Twitter. Maybe they’ll use yours for a future viral video! View the full video above.



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