NL Little Theatre Presents “Get Smart”



This past weekend, Nov. 14-16, the Northern Lehigh Little Theatre presented their production of Neil Simon’s classic spy comedy “Get Smart.”

From the official NLLT press release: “The show centers around Maxwell Smart, a novice agent of the secret organization CONTROL, who is often out of his depth but never out of options while he attempts to thwart the schemes of the evil spy group KAOS. Assigned to assist the bumbling Smart is competent female Agent 99 as they race to protect Scandinavian Princess Ingrid, a beautiful young socialite suspected to be the next target in a series of mysterious kidnappings. Can Smart stop the sinister plans of KAOS? Find out in this hilarious spy spoof!”

Jacob Heintzelman starred as Agent Maxwell Smart. A beginner in the world of being a secret agent, Smart doesn’t always choose the most direct means to an end. Through his work with the secret agency CONTROL, Smart uses not so by-the-book methods of bringing down the evil spies of the KAOS group to save Princess Ingrid from Scandinavia.

Heintzelman was joined on stage by Alexis Middaugh who played Agent 99. Agent 99 assists Smart throughout the show and helps him focus to thwart the scheming KAOS who have kidnapped a number of young blond girls. Together, 99 and Smart make a great comedic team capable of bringing down the sinister spy group.

Created as a television series in 1965 by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, the show was directed by Mr. Nicholas Sander. Alongside Smart and 99 were agents Robert McIntyre as The Chief, Kasey Wayda as Miss Finch, Sophia Williams as Hodgkins, Tyler Hoffman as Agent 44, and Nick Roth as Agent 13. They were up against the evil agents of KAOS Michael McKinney as Mr. Big, Jacob Bachman as henchman Garth, and the Wong triplets played by Paige Hemingway, Kira Rex, and Amelita Pjetrovic.

Victoria Lear, Emily Bevans, and James Yoder give a great show with their supporting roles.

Performances for “Get Smart” were held in the Northern Lehigh High School auditorium.



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