Animals Gone Viral: Friends Are Waiting


If you’ve ever experienced emotional devastation at the hands of a beer commercial, chances are it was all Budweiser’s fault. From the Clydesdalessalute to the city to one of the cutest interspecies friendships ever, the marketing minds behind the “King” of American-style lagers is at it again. They celebrated Global Be(er) Responsible Day by unleashing a video entitled “Friends Are Waiting” that implicated the tragic consequences of drunk driving: “Next time you go out, be sure to make a plan to get home safely. Your friends are counting on you. Enjoy Budweiser responsibly.” The one minute-long clip went live Friday, September 19 and instantaneously went viral, quickly racking up more than 16 million views. It features an original song (“When You Come Home”) by Twin Cities-based singer/songwriter Dan Rodriguez—written specifically for the commercial—and an affectionate Labrador. Dog owners and lovers, beware—you will require a tissue. Or two. Or five. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. View the video below.


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