Home Recycled Home: Tank Top Closet Organizer

hanger and shower curtain rings - DIY projectWhen I saw this idea pop up on Pinterest, I couldn’t resist trying it out. I already had a custom made scarf hanger, which saves tons of drawer space and provides wrinkle free scarves, so this was a no brainer. There are a few different methods out there using everything from hangers and shower curtain clips to curtain rods and tie holders. I chose the easier method, which took five minutes to make and is also capable of holding 24 tank tops.

What you will need

  • One (or two) sturdy plastic hangers
  • Plastic or metal shower curtain clips
  • Gorilla glue (optional)

diy project - rack for tank topsSTEPS

Step 1: Attach each shower curtain clip to the hanger, making sure each one opens/closes in the same direction.

Step 2: You may want to glue the clips in place so they do not slip and flip around (and potentially drop your clean tanks all over the closet floor). This step is optional.

Step 3: Hang your tank tops by the straps. I have found that using both straps will prevent the tank from stretching or becoming misshapen.

Step 4: Enjoy your clutter free drawers!

As mentioned, there are several different types of tank top closet organizers out there. You may choose use a different type of hanger or even get fancy with your creation.

Do you have an item (or a collection of items) that you are looking to recycle? Send a picture of your products over and I just might use them in a future project! Pictures should be emailed to awanamaker@townandcountrygazette.com. Please be sure to include your name and contact info.


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