Extra Point: Just Another Beginning

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Graduation is what every high school student looks forward to during their four years roaming the halls of their local school. Some count down the days until the moment comes, while others wish they had a few more moments to bask in their high school glory.

Commencement starts another chapter in our lives, but it also ends a very important one. High school is definitely the best time of our lives. It is the period where we get to experience freedom without the responsibilities that life will present us in just a few short months.

Varsity sports teams battle graduation each and every year. Schools, coaches, and programs are excited to see their athletes graduate and move on to the next part of their lives as they build their existence in this world. At the same time, however, they struggle to stay successful with all the moving parts.

Commencement happens every year when we turn the calendars to June. This time around, it was this writer’s turn to strut across the stage and receive his diploma. I was lucky enough to be able to sit on the stage during the ceremony and also make a speech as one of my last duties as Senior Class President.

The ceremony was fantastic and I’m happy to have made it this far, but it wouldn’t have been possible without many individuals. I’d like to thank everyone at the Town & Country Gazette for giving me a chance to write when I was just a sophomore. Also, Mrs. Renee Evans, Mr. Andrew Kern, and Mr. Chris Bennett made huge contributions to my life and my growing journalism career.

Also, I cannot forget my family. Every member of it has been so supportive of my writing jobs during high school, even when it would mean spending late hours at a track meet on a school night.

During graduation season, there are a lot of goodbyes. People move on and start a whole new adventure in their lives. Thanks to everyone’s support these last few years, I will be starting my next adventure at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, where I will be majoring in Broadcast Journalism. Despite my time at Northern Lehigh High School ending, this isn’t a goodbye to the Gazette—this is a see you later, as “Extra Point” will be continuing into the next chapter of my life, as my story isn’t quite finished.


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