Animals Gone Viral: Magic For Dogs


Do you remember the first time you ever saw a magic trick? It might’ve been at a classmate’s birthday party or while walking past a city street performance. Either way, you were probably young enough to be blown away by it, unable to wrap your innocent and as-yet-unjaded mind around it. Same goes for dogs.

Finnish magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen decided to experiment with a few willing subjects using a simple disappearing treat trick—the results will tickle dog lovers’ hearts, namely those of Nakke (above), a perplexed German Shepherd, and a very suspicious pooch by the name of Sälli:


Ahonen made it a point to note that the dogs did receive treats both before and after the trick. The clip was posted Friday, March 21 and was quickly picked up by outlets such as the Huffington Post, E! Online, and BuzzFeed. Ahonen also mentioned on YouTube that there is a “Part II coming soon.” View the full video below.


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