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Our annual restaurant issue hits stands April 3 and naturally, all that food talk got us thinking … we love food. Who doesn’t? It’s a pretty common question, but we decided to answer the ol’ classic, “What food can’t you live without?” So in no particular order, we present our top ten favorite sweets, snacks, and salty pleasures.

1. Coffee

1-CoffeeNow before you get all “coffee isn’t food,” I beg to differ. And coffee lovers will get me. Coffee isn’t food. It’s a food GROUP. Sleepy? It’ll wake you up. Hungry? It’ll suppress your appetite. Bored? It’s something to hold and sip. Don’t want to sit through an entire meal with a first date from OK Cupid? Coffee! I have such a severe caffeine addiction that I had to see a doctor about my headaches last year. My head pounds if I drink too much, my head pounds harder if I don’t drink enough. (And I can never tell if what I’ve had so far is going to put me over the edge or not. It’s a swell guessing game.) But I can’t give it up because I LOVE it. The smell of brewing coffee puts a smile on my face. I’ll drink it hot, cold, flavored, even black, although I’d prefer not. I like Wawa’s hazelnut and Starbucks’ caramel macchiato. But my favorite is home brewed with cream and sugar and a side of good book. In a comfy chair. On a rainy Saturday. Mmm.—DT

2. Jimmy’s Quick Lunch Hot Dogs

Forget Yocco’s. Jimmy’s, in Hazleton, Pa. has the best hot dogs around. The dogs come with his “secret recipe” chili and are legendary in this part of coal country. I’ve been going to Jimmy’s since I was a little kid, and even when I haven’t been in his restaurant for years, Jimmy still remembers my name.—JK


3. Cheese

Every single person who knows me to any degree whatsoever knows that cheese and I, me and cheese, we have this thing. It’s an unhealthy thing. I eat cheese in practically every meal of the day, every day of the week. I eat it by the slice. I add it to things that don’t really need it. I like cream cheese on bagels. Cheese pizza. Mozzarella cheese sticks. Mac & cheese. Cheeseburgers. Tostitos cheese queso and tortilla chips (my go-to drunk snack). Cheese and crackers. Cheesy scrambled eggs. Cheese fries. Cheesecake! (I’m clearly not a very nutritious person, but it’s not like I eat like this all the time. Just painting a cheesy picture.) And don’t even get me started on grilled cheese. That’s probably my mega-vice. It’s so simple, yet so delicious. (Grilled cheese with bacon or pork roll? Life-changing.) And did you know all the things you can do with grilled cheese?

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Crap, now I’m hungry.—DT

4. Weatherly Country Inn Wings

Another staple from my youth. Growing up in Weatherly, the Country Inn was the place to get good wings. Their hot sauce is perfectnot crazy high on the Scoville Heat Scale, but flavorful and delicious.—JK 

Country Inn

5.  CARMEN’S Pizzeria/Pete &Elda’s

Home of the Whole Pie Eater’s Club challenge, this place has the best thin crust pizza on the Jersey shore. It’s definitely the best thin crust pizza I’ve ever had. Right before we left New Jersey, my family and I went on this binge where we ate there practically once a week for what felt like months because we were so sad to leave it. We’ve been back to visit many times since and it hasn’t changed. There’s nothing fancy or flashy about it, it’s just straight-up delicious pizza.—DT


6. Sabra Hummus

Sabra HummusI know that it’s crazy easy to make hummus at home, but I absolutely love Sabra Jalapeño hummus. It’s perfect for a snack or quick (and healthy!) lunch. If you drop in the office around noon, there is a good bet I’ll be munching some bagel chips and hummus.—JK

7. Chicken

It’s the basis of most of my favorite legitimate meals. I could live without beef or pork the rest of my life, but chicken would be tough. Plus, boneless buffalo wings.—DT

8. Brussels Sprouts

Not a very popular veggie option—I know my fiancé hates them. But, personally, they are my all-time favorite vegetable and one of the healthiest. Even if you have an anti-sprout bias, give my easy recipe a try. First, slice those suckers into discs; don’t shred them, then sauté in some infused olive oil. Toss them a few times with some sea salt and cracked black pepper until tender. Finally, scoop them out and sprinkle some Gorgonzola on top. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.—JK

9. Chocolate



10. Cheez-It Crackers

I’m addicted to these things. Plain and simple. I have to get travel-size bags so I don’t eat the entire box. They are my nutritional Achilles’ heel.—JK

Cheez It


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