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HRH-1024x512My family loves those calorie-free Crystal Light flavored drinks and teas made by the half gallon. We like them so much that in just a few weeks we collected about half a dozen plastic containers. I decided to pair one of the containers with an old hand soap pumper and make a new soap dispenser for my bathroom. The project was fun, easy, and free (which beats even the best find at a thrift store) and a great way to create a very personalized bathroom hand soap dispenser.

AliceIMageWhat you will need:

  • Empty Crystal Light drink mix container (store brand containers work too) with plastic removed.
  • Clean hand soap pumper.
  • Scissor or single hole puncher.
  • Acrylic paint and painting accessories (paint pallet, paint brushes, etc).
  • Stickers and other embellishments.
  • Super glue or craft glue. (Note: Regular school glue will not stick to plastic).
  • Mod podge.
  • Hand soap.

Step 1: After covering your work area with old newspapers or cloths, use scissors or a hole punch to put a small hole in the center of the lid. Ensure that the soap pumper straw will fit through the hole.

Step 2: Glue the pumper to the top of the lid and allow to dry.

Step 3: Use paint, stickers, and embellishments to create a unique design on your dispenser.

Step 4: After allowing any glue or paint to dry completely, seal your creation by covering the container with a layer of mod podge.

Step 5: Fill container with your favorite hand soap and snap lid tightly in place.

CompleteHandPumperOther ideas for reusing Crystal Light containers:

Pencil holders, sunglasses case, maracas, piggy bank, snack holder, mailing container, craft storage.

Do you have an item (or a collection of items) that you are looking to recycle? Send a picture of your products over and I just might use them in a future project! Pictures should be emailed to awanamaker@townandcountrygazette.com. Please be sure to include your name and contact info.

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