Animals Gone Viral: Dogs on Deployment

AGV - VA touching clip from the Queen Latifah show (above) was making the rounds on Facebook last week. In it, Capt. Jess Jempson reunited with her dog, Emma, after being deployed for one year. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house and the clip went viral, driving nearly 15,000 people to become fans of the organization responsible: Dogs on Deployment.

Dogs on Deployment was launched in June 2011. We were founded by Alisa and Shawn Johnson, who serve in the US Marine Corps and Navy respectively and own two Australian Shepherds and two caique parrots. Made by military members and animal lovers for military members and animal lovers, we understand the difficulties placed on military pet owners during certain service requirements. Our organization is aimed at alleviating the stress and worry put on military pet owners when their pet ownership is uncertain in the face of service to their country.” DoD Facebook page

They now have close to 100,000 fans on Facebook and have successfully fostered over 300 canines.

To learn more, visit And to view more emotional reunions, visit their YouTube channel.



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