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HRHOver the next few weeks, thousands of heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates large and small will be given as gifts for Valentine’s Day. When the box is empty, you can save the token, make it into a unique decoration for your living room, and put your love on display for years to come. Making the Heart-Shaped Memory Box is a creative way to walk down memory lane and recycle the chocolate box.

CraftPhoto1What you will need:

  • Heart-shaped chocolate box
  • One or two pictures of you and your loved one
  • Mementos from your relationship: movie tickets, concert tickets, first date receipts, etc.
  • Glue stick
  • A sheet or two of scrapbook paper
  • Push pins

As always, cover your workspace with newspaper or an old tablecloth. Gather your supplies and set your iPod to romance to help set the mood to make this heartfelt décor for your home.

Steps to crafting a lovely heart-shaped memory box:

Step 1. Using a clean and empty heart-shaped candy box, trace the pattern on a sheet of scrapbook paper. You may need to use two sheets to cover a larger box.

Step 2. Cut out the heart and line the inside of the box using glue.

Step 3. Arrange your pictures and mementoes inside the box to display your happy memories. Be sure to leave a free space near the top center where you can pin the box to the wall.

Step 4. After the glue has dried, hand your memory box in as a focal point in any room.

TIP: Placing a battery-powered tealight inside the memory box will put focus on your memorabilia even in the evening.


Do you have an item (or a collection of items) that you are looking to recycle? Send a picture of your products over and I just might use them in a future project! Pictures should be emailed to awanamaker@townandcountrygazette.com. Please be sure to include your name and contact info.


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