Rescue Pet of the Week 1/31

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Meet Tee Tee. 

She is a 10-year-old who found herself in a shelter, most likely discarded after being someone’s loyal companion for years. She is currently being fostered (along with seven other dogs!) in a home in Northampton. 

From Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center:

"Tee is a reactive dog, unsure of things and would be best not to place her in a home with small children. If Tee is to be placed with children I would highly suggest older children (teenagers) that are dog savvy. Tee has a good energy drive [...] She is not food or toy aggressive [...] She is crate trained and will enter her pen when she is told. [...] Tee is a reactive dog when it comes to "treatment" such as nail clipping, ear cleaning, grooming, baths and being picked up to go into a truck (a car she can jump in). On these occasions she will snap [...] Tee will make a wonderful companion for the right person who is willing to give Tee all that she needs to become that terrific dog."

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CONTACT Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center, Inc. PO Box 1704, Westminster, MD  21158 Phone: 410-628-6191 Fax: 888-501-1570