Animals Gone Viral: Wrigley at the Movies

Dirty Dancing (1987)Reddit user mmsspp (also known as Chris Naka, 30) was just goofing around with his boss’ dog one day. As he puts it, “My boss brings her dog Wrigley to work every day, and for the past month we’ve been reenacting romance scenes from movies. It all started with a stupid Titanic photo, but things escalated quickly…” Wrigley, 13, is a good sport and has played along as they’ve created scenes from classic films such as Sixteen Candles and Dirty Dancing. He posted the images three weeks ago and they quickly spread like wildfire, picked up by countless media outlets, as illustrated in Chris’ attempt at rounding them up: View the rest at and keep an eye out for more!
—Danielle Tepper

Sixteen Candles (1984)



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