Rescue Pet of the Week 1/10/14


Meet the Henits cats: Purrl, Miss White, Holly, and Fearless.

Print“They belonged to Anthony Henits of Walnutport who passed away Dec. 11. Mr. Henits was a longtime client of Cherryville, famous for saving kittens that he rescued from a farm where he worked. Any kitten that he found sick he would catch and bring in for treatment. The kittens were then adopted out once they were well. He saved so many, too many to count. He would visit his kittens everyday and spend time holding and loving them. He was a wonderful man and we were devastated to learn of his passing. When his family asked for help with his cats, we were happy to take them in. The picture shows, from left to right, Purrl, Miss White, Holly and Fearless.”
—Ashley from the Cherryville Animal Hospital

Purrl is about 9, spayed, vaccinated and only has her right eye. Female.

Miss White is about 10 or 11, spayed and vaccinated. Female.

Holly is the oldest at about 14. Neutered and vaccinated. Male.

Fearless is the youngest, about 8, vaccinated and neutered. Male. Fearless may be adopted by a hospital employee.

Visit or call 610-767-7505 for more info.


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