Home Recycled Home: Crayon Wall Art

IMG_5654One thing I love about using items you already have around the house and recycling them into home décor is that each piece is unique and guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind. This month, I am using broken and unwanted crayons as well as some leftover gift boxes to create a focal point for any room. This project is fun and easy for the entire family. 

IMG_5651What you will need:

  • Old crayons*
  • Clear drying glue or paste
  • White gift box or canvas
  • Hair dryer

Using an old towel or newspaper to cover your workstation is a great way to keep this project fun and clean. When melting the crayons, splatter will occur!

Steps to crafting a unique wall art piece:

Step 1: Using a clean white box or canvas to build your wall art on, spread newspaper under the entire work area to protect it from melting crayons.

Step 2:  Place a strip of glue along the entire top edge of the canvas where you will lay your crayons.

Step 3: Arrange crayons in a straight line (or crafty design if you wish) along the glue strip. Allow glue to dry completely for up to 5 minutes.

Step 4: Prop your crayon covered canvas up so that the crayons are at the top.

Step 5: Use the hottest setting on your hair dryer and slowly melt the crayons with the dryer close to the canvas. The pattern will emerge as the crayons melt.

Step 6: Allow the crayons to re-harden with the canvas propped up for at least 15-20 minutes.

Step 7: You can mount your canvas in a frame or hang the box on the wall to decorate any room.  Repeat these steps to add fun creative art pieces to any room in your home.

*Alternate: Use a new box of crayons to create a cleaner look.

artLook for Home Recycled Home crafts each month in the Town & Country Gazette. Each craft will use items that you may have lying around the house or can easily acquire by asking friends and neighbors. Be sure to check back for great crafts that utilize recycled items and add a unique touch to your home! 


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