Home Recycled Home: Town & Country Christmas Tree



BeforeI love decorating for Christmas and finding ways to add subtle touches to each room of the house without breaking the bank is an especially fun project! This year, I added a Christmas tree to a few rooms made simply from recycled Town & Country Gazettes. Yes, you can use this very newspaper (preferably after you are done reading it) to make a fun holiday decoration. And it won’t cost you a cent!

What you will need:

  • 2 pre-loved Blue Mt. Town & Country Gazette editions (100+ pages)
  • Scissors
  • Clear drying glue
  • Glitter
  • Spray paint 

This simple tree is a fun project that is quick and easy and completely free using only recycled items (and maybe a little glitter).

AfterSteps to ‘trim’ your mini Christmas tree:

Step 1: Fold one page at a time so the top corner matches the spine in the middle of the newspaper.

Step 2: Press firmly to create a tight crease.

Step 3: Fold each page until all of the pages are folded. Repeat for both editions. 

Step 4: Carefully cut off the lower portion to create a flat base for your tree.

Step 5: Connect the editions by folding them into each other. Spread the pages to create a full tree. 

Step 6 (optional): Decorate your tree with glitter and/or green craft paint. You can add lightweight pom-poms to the top of your tree or leave them as is.

Look for Home Recycled Home crafts every month in the Town & Country Gazette, starting January 2014. Each craft will use items that you may have lying around the house or can easily acquire by asking friends and neighbors. Be sure to check back in the New Year for great crafts that utilize recycled items and add a unique touch to your home! 


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