Rescue Pet of the Week 11/22/13


Meet Rosie.

27136705-1-800x0From Given A Chance —

Rosie is a fun little character, she is always getting up to something. She loves cages with lots of areas to explore, that keep her entertained. We have learned though wire cages are not good for Rosie because she has a tendency to hang from the top of them and walk upside down along the bars. Rosie has been with us since the beginning of August, with no one expressing an interest in her during that time. Most people are probably put off because of her temperament but often the feisty dwarf hamsters make the more interesting pet. Rosie is a very pretty hamster who was surrendered to a local shelter. She had been at the shelter a while when we were asked if we had space for her. It was taking the shelter a while to adopt her out because she can be nippy. To get her out of her cage we use a tunnel or suede gloves (she walks quite well on your gloved hands). For this reason she will not make a good pet for a child though. She loves time out of her cage and when you talk to her. She has lots of energy so loves going in her exercise ball and is fun to watch. So please do not her behavior put you off of adopting a great little hamster.

Dwarf hamsters usually live on average two years, Rosie was born on February 24th 2013. While dwarf Russian hamsters can co-exist together, this only works with same sex siblings, non-related dwarf hamsters will fight, so for this reason Rosie should stay living alone.

27136705-2-800x0It is VERY important to house all small animals on either Aspen or Carefresh bedding. Cedar and Pine can be harmful to rodents and are therefore NOT recommended. Rosie can be adopted along with the cage shown in the third photo, which is a Habitrail OVO Cage. The cage is in great condition and includes a nesting area, water bottle, food bowl, exercise wheel, extra tubing, two carriers as well as a mini exercise ball. It can be configured in different ways to the one shown in the third photo. In the past we have filled the two blue carriers full of bedding or shredded paper, you never know where Rosie will be sleeping but she has fun in the cage and out of it.

While hamsters in general make great first time pets, Rosie will require someone with some hamster experience. If you think you can give Rosie a great new home, e-mail us today. The adoption fee for Rosie is $10 (or $20 for Rosie and the complete cage set up).

For more, visit Given A Chance Rodent Rescue. Located in Allentown, the best way to reach them is via email (


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