NL Little Theatre presents all-female ‘Odd Couple’ adaptation

Story and photos by Danielle Tepper

This past weekend, NL Little Theatre held their production of Neil Simon’s popular comedy, “The Odd Couple”—but with a feminine twist!

Senior Lydia DeLong portrayed Olive Madison, the slob who takes in her uptight friend in need, Florence Unger, played by junior Alexis Middaugh. While the program doesn’t mention whether either of the girls plans to pursue acting throughout their college careers, it’s safe to say they both have the talent to consider it.

The girls’ chemistry shows the yin and yang of friendship; they butt heads in hilarious ways as each tries to adjust to living together while battling their own romantic demons: Unger is near-suicidal after her marriage falls apart. Madison has an ex-husband constantly asking for money and she finds she can’t say no to him because he does so like “Orphan Annie in a snowstorm.”

The female version was written by Neil Simon in 1985, but one has to wonder if director Nicholas Sander didn’t take some liberties with tweaking the script to reflect our modern times—with references to tweeting, the Jonas Brothers and the Kardashians—for a few laughs.

Brie Williams, Taylor Duplaga, Sandra Moran, and Victoria Oquendo fleshed out the group of girls as the duo’s close friends who gather regularly for drinks and competitive rounds of Trivial Pursuit. Easily the most comical portion of the play came with the arrival of the Costazuela brothers (replacing the Pidgeon sisters from the original version). Jacob Heintzelman as Manolo and Gavin Fricker as Jesus brought the house down with their comedic give-and-take laced with, of course, their snappy Spanish accents.

Throughout the hour and a half production, the girls are tested time and time again, but by the end, their bond outweighs their problems in a triumphant display of friendship at its best.

Watch out, Freddy Awards! Northern Lehigh is boasting quite a few contenders this year.


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