Out and About: My Experiences in Northampton

On a weekday morning around 9:30 a.m. Northampton is a ghost town. Now I know this probably doesn’t come as a surprise, seeing as many people are either working or sleeping at this time, but for my friend Hannah and I this posed a major problem. Hannah and I had ventured out last week in order to discover the favored summer activities of the residents of Northampton, with little to show for it. Walking along Main Street in the early morning heat, we felt as though we were the only ones left living. The few people we encountered either avoided us, or told us they were not interested before I could even tell the person what exactly I was doing. Many were under the impression I was selling something, despite the fact that I was only equipped with a pencil, small notebook, and camera. Maybe it’s just that no one is interested in talking to two teenage girls. Or maybe it was my approach: formal, up front, and most likely a bit off-putting. Although our trip to Northampton may not have been highly successful, it wasn’t a complete failure. We did find a very eager group of coffee fans who were more than willing to tell us all about their favorite summer activities hanging out at the local coffee shop, Taylor Roasted. Reflecting back on the experience I now know what I should keep the same about my approach and what I should change in order to be more open and personable next time I venture out to learn more about the members of our community.  Although the summer is flying by, I fully intend to use every opportunity I have here at the Gazette to grow and improve, both of which are not possible without a little trial and error.


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