Fall Out Boy is Back!

By Chrissy Zopf


Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump w/ our Enthusiastic Intern, Chrissy


Fall Out Boy returning from hiatus in 2007 was the best thing that could happen for a lifelong fan like myself. In a very short period of time the band released a new album and announced the Save Rock & Roll tour. My friends and I were lucky to score tickets, because they sold out so quickly. After months of excited anticipation, May 30th rolled around, and my friends and I headed south to the Electric Factory in Philadelphia where we waited hours in the 90° weather for doors to open.

Once inside it didn’t take long for the music to start. New Politics, a band I had never heard of, opened the concert with a short set of upbeat and catchy songs that made me an instant fan. When New Politics left the stage time dragged on and the massive crowd grew restless waiting for Fall Out Boy to take the stage. A little after 8 p.m. the stage lit up and the opening of Thriller, the first song from their ‘Infinity on High’ album began to play, and fans rushed the stage in excitement. The set continued with songs from every album from ‘Take This To Your Grave’ to ‘Save Rock and Roll.’ Energy remained high throughout the two hour set before the band closed with ‘Saturday,’ a well-known song from ‘Take This to Your Grave.’

After the show many headed home, while others stuck around, having heard members of the band may come out to meet fans who hang out after the shows. My friends and I stayed, along with many other avid fans, and after approximately 45 minutes Patrick Stump emerged from the venue and approached the remaining concert-goers. Kind and very down to earth, Patrick signed autographs, took pictures, and shared in the excitement of his fans.

The Fall Out Boy concert is one that I will remember for years to come, as it furthered my love of the band and my appreciation for what they do. To any fans, I highly recommend seeing Fall Out Boy perform live. Their talent is beyond measure and they really know how to keep a crowd lively.


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