Welcome Back, Chrissy!

Back for the Summer

By Chrissy Zopf

Editor’s Note – This is the 2nd Summer intern Chrissy Zopf will be writing for the Town & Country Gazette. We couldn’t be happier to have her back. She will be recording her experiences at the papers in this blog, an ongoing series. – jk

Another school year has concluded and students around the area are set free to do what they please with their summer. For some this means late nights and wild adventures. For others it means staying in for a quiet, relaxing day by the pool. For me this means working, college planning, and being back in the office as an intern for the summer, all while making the most of my final summer before I am officially a college student.

With another summer comes new goals and ambitions for my limited time here at the Gazette. Unlike last summer I will not be traveling to another country, but despite not traveling abroad, I intend to be every bit as active in producing articles and blog posts, whether they be about community events, book and concert reviews, or simply small blurbs from our readers about various topics. I also aspire to improve my writing style as I pursue various projects here at the Gazette. Most of all, I wish to gain skills and knowledge that will be of use when I attend my first Journalism class at IUP this fall.


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