Q & A with Chris Deppe, of Becky’s Drive In

Q & A with Chris Deppe, of Becky’s Drive In

By Joe Korba

I had the opportunity to ask Chris Deppe a few questions about the new digital projection system installed this season at Becky’s Drive In in Berlinsville. His answers are below.


What are the benefits of a digital projection system as opposed to the older film projectors?


The biggest benefit is the quality of the picture/sound. No more scratches or dust spots, and the image will not deteriorate and become faded over time. The quality will remain the same after thousands of replays. Also, the new format saves us a lot of time. Previously it would take about 2 hours to splice new movies together. Now it only takes about a half hour to “ingest” the new movies onto our servers.


Are you capable of showing 3D Movies? If not, do you foresee that possibility in the future?


At this point we do not have the capability to show 3D movies. It would require a special polarizing lens. No drive-in (to our knowledge) has the capability at this point. It’s still uncertain whether or not a 3D movie can be viewed through a car’s windshield. Also, many of the parking spots at the drive-in are positioned at an angle that (most likely) would not work when viewing a 3D film;although if the technology allowed it, we would be thrilled to show 3D movies.



Will you be keeping the old intermission trailers, like the concession stand reel and the pic mosquito repellant reel?


We’re lucky because the technician who installed our new projectors, Tim Reed, has been working the past few years on digitizing vintage intermission trailers. We’ve already showed many of the old trailers the first two weekends, and we’ll be adding many more over the next few weeks including the pic mosquito ad and the dancing hot dogs.







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