Mallory Bomboy Softball Tournament this Saturday


The Mallory Bomboy Memorial Softball Tournament Committee along with the Parkland League, Eagle’s Nest Softball and the Lehigh Valley Umpires Association are pleased to announce that the 7th annual softball tournament will be held on Saturday, April 27th, with rain date of Sunday, April 28th. We are expecting around 1500 girls from 30 different softball organizations to participate in this great event. The Committee hopes to make this year’s tournament bigger and better than prior years. The games will be played at fields at Eagle’s Nest as well as fields at Ormrod, Hokey, Lehigh Twp. and Laury’s.

With the help of sponsors and participants in the last 6 years, nearly $70,000 was raised in Mallory’s memory. Even after seven years, Mallory’s enthusiasm, team spirit and zest for life touch a lot of hearts and her loss is still being felt throughout the community. The Officers and the Bomboy family have distributed $27,000.00 for college scholarships to several Parkland League senior students from different high schools. $15,000 has been given back to the family’s Mallory Bomboy Scholarship. At Christmas, the Committee helped a local family to have a better Christmas. We also made a donation to a local umpire’s family after his untimely death.

And finally, we have donated $6,000 to the Eagle’s Nest Building Fund. This money has helped them develop a multi – purpose building at Eagle’s Nest which will benefit the entire Northern Lehigh community. Come out and visit Eagle’s Nest and see that the building is now a reality. The last several years, $3,500.00 was donated to Coplay Sports, whose building was destroyed by fire and is once again operating. Also thousands of dollars were donated to Laurys, Northwestern, Ormrod, West End Youth Center, Palmerton, Salisbury, Hokendauqua Softball organizations to help make improvements to their softball facilities. 

Funds raised in this year’s tournament will be distributed in a similar manner. One-third of the proceeds will go towards Scholarships for current Parkland Softball  League Seniors, one-third for the family’s Mallory Bomboy Scholarship,  and one-third will be donated to one of the participating organizations that are in the process of a community capital improvement project. Needy families in our area will also be helped. 

Each of the players pay an entrance fee of $10.00, for which in return they receive a memorial t-shirt, play 2 games and make a donation to the cause. Umpires agree to officiate the games at a much reduced cost, with many donating their fee back to the tournament.









Eagles Nest


Field #1 14U

8:45 Eagles nest vs.’ Schnecksville white

10:30 Northern Lehigh vs.’ Palmerton

12:15 West end vs.’ Northern Lehigh

2:00 Franklin Twsp. vs.’ west end

3:45 Bowmanstown vs.’ Schnecksville black

5:30 Schnecksville Black vs.’ SPYA


Field #2 14U

10:30 Hockey vs.’ Franklin Twsp

12:15 Schnecksville white vs.’ Laurys

2:00 SPYA vs.’ Hockey

3:45 Laurys vs.’ Breinigsville

5:30 Breinigsville vs.’ Bowmanstown



Hockey site


Field #1 12U d1

8:45 Egypt d1 vs.’ Palmerton d1

10:30 Northwestern d1 vs.’ Laurys d1

12:15 Palmerton d1 vs.’ Northwestern d1

2:00 PYC lv blue vs.’ Bowmanstown d1

3:45 Bowmanstown d1 vs.’ Northern Lehigh lv

5:30 Northern Lehigh lv vs.’ PYC lv


Field #2 12U d1 & d2

8:45 Laurys d1 vs.’ Hockey d1

10:30 SPYA d1 vs.’ Egypt d1

12:15 Hockey d1 vs.’ SPYA d1

2:00 SPYA d2 vs.’ Hamilton Park d2

3:45 Breinigsville d2 vs.’ SPYA d2

5:30 Hamilton Park d2 vs.’ Breinigsville d2


Field #3 12U d2

8:45 Northwestern d2 vs.’ Northern Lehigh d2

10:30 Lehigh Twsp d2 vs.’ Northwestern d2

12:15 Northern Lehigh d2 vs.’ Schnecksville d2

2:00 Palmerton d2 vs.’ Lehigh twsp d2

3:45 Schnecksville d2 vs.’ Fullerton d2

5:30 Fullerton d2 vs.’ Palmerton d2


Field #4 Prep

8:45 Fullerton vs.’ Salisbury

10:30 WEYC vs.’ Fullerton

12:15 Salisbury vs.’ Northwestern

2:00 Hockey vs.’ WEYC

3:45 Northwestern vs.’ Hockey





Field #2 10U

8:45 Schnecksville d2 vs.’ Fullerton d2

10:30 Laurys d2 vs.’ Schneckville d2

12:15 Fullerton d2 vs.’ Bowmanstown

2:00 SPYA d2 vs.’ Laurys d2

3:45 Bowmanstown d2 vs.’ Palmerton d2

5:30 Palmerton d2 vs.’ SPYA d2



Lehigh Twsp site


Field #1 14U &18U

8:45 Lehigh twsp 14lv vs.’ Lehigh twsp 18u

10:30 Oatlaws 14 lv vs.’ Lehigh twsp 14u lv

12:15 Salisbury lv12 vs.’ Ormrod 14

2:00 Lehigh twsp 18 vs.’ Outlaws 14 lv

3:45 Ormrod 18 vs.’ Alton park 18

5:30 Fullerton 18u vs.’ Ormrod 18

8:00 Eagles Nest 14 vs.’ Palmerton 14


Field #2 14U &18U

8:45 Fullerton 14 vs.’ Northwestern 12 lv

10:30 Ormrod 14 vs.’ Fullerton 14

12:15 Lower Mac 18 vs.’ Eagles nest 18

2:00 Alton park 18 vs.’ Fullerton 18

3:45 Allen twsp 18 vs.’ Lower Mac 18

5:30 Eagles nest 18 vs.’ Allen Twsp 18

8:00 Northwestern 10u vs.’ Orefield 10u


Field #3 12U lV

10:30 PYC lv red vs.’ Northwestern 12 lv

12:15 Lehigh twsp lv#2 vs.’ PYC lv red

2:00 Lehigh twsp lv #1 vs.’ Lehigh twsp lv#2

3:45 Salisbury lv vs.’ Bethlehem Stars lv

5:30 Bethlehem Stars lv vs.’ Lehigh twsp lv#1


Field #4 Preps

8:45 Northern Lehigh blue vs.’ Ormrod

10:30 Ormrod vs.’ Laurys

12:15 Laurys vs.’ Northern Lehigh blue

2:00 Northern Lehigh white vs.’ Schnecksville

3:45 Schnecksville vs.’ Palmerton

5:30 Palmerton vs.’ Northern Lehigh white



Ormrod site


Filed North Whitehall Twsp. #1 10U

8:45 Hockey d1 vs.’ SPYA d1

10:30 Lower Mac d1 vs.’ Hockey d1

12:15 SPYA d1 vs.’ Schadt Ave d1

2:00 Schadt Ave d1 vs.’ Lower Mac d1

3:45 Orefield d2 vs.’ Northern Lehigh d2 blue

5:50 Northern Lehigh d2 blue vs.’ Northwestern d2 #2


Field #2 10U

8:45 Northern Lehigh d2 white vs.’ Egypt d2

10:30 Egypt d2 vs.’ PYC d2

12:15 PYC d2 vs.’ Northern Lehigh d2 white

2:00 Northwestern d2 #2 vs.’ WEYC d2

3:45 St. Elizabeth d2 vs.’ Northwestern d2 #1

5:30 WEYC d2 vs.’ St. Elizabeth d2


Ormrod site – Portland field lower 10U LV


8:45 Egypt lv vs.’ PYC lv

10:30 Lehigh Twsp lv vs.’ Egypt lv

12:15 PYC lv vs.’ Northampton lv

2:00 Northwestern lv vs.’ Lehigh twsp lv

3:45 Northampton lv vs.’ Salisbury lv

5:30 Salisbury lv vs.’ Southern Lehigh lv


Portland field upper 10U DI & LV


10:30 Northern Lehigh d1 vs.’ Ormrod d1

12:15 Northwestern d1 vs.’ Northern Lehigh d1

2:00 Ormrod d1 vs.’ Northwestern d1

3:45 Southern Lehigh vs.’ Northwestern lv




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