Public Speaking Class Shares Books with Elementary Students

Bryanna Tomkins

In her 35th year teaching English, Public Speaking, and Creative Writing, Mrs. Renee Evans’ Public Speaking students once again shared their expertise with Slatington Elementary students with the Books on Audio project. This year Mrs. Evans’ two public Speaking classes for the Spring semester recorded and presented books to third grade teachers Mrs. Amanda Lychak and Mrs. Jillian McMullen. The following high school students participated in this worthwhile endeavor: In Block 2 – Kelsey Follweiler, Jennie Fronheiser, Ty Herzog, Jake Lieberman, Ruth Milburn, Sam Miller-Brown, Calvin Ortiz, Jacob Satterlee, Kelsey Vince, Cory Wagner, Ben Yenser, and Lauren Zellner; In Block 3 – Emily Bevans, Chris Bingert, Kaytee Doll, Josh Eden, Morgan Farber, Tosha Gaumer, Chelsea Harlan, Nicole Horn, Caleb Johnson, Selma pjetrovic, Zachary ritz, Kendra Smith, Sarah stein, Bryanna Tomkins and Tyler Trumbauer.
The highlight of this project is the opportunity for the high school students to present their books to the elementary students and listen together to a few of the selections. Block 3 visited Mrs. Lychak’s class on Tuesday, March 26 and Block 2 walked over to Slatington Elementary on Wednesday, March 27 to Mrs. McMullen’s class. Each of Mrs. Evans’ classes voted for the top three books among their peers and those students shaed their books on the deisgnated dates. The winners in Block 2 were Ty Herzog, Jacob Satterlee, and Ben Yenser while in Block 3, the honored students were Emily Bevans, Morgan Farber, and Bryanna Tomkins.
This year marked the 17th year Mrs. Evans has been collaborating with Peters and Slatington Elementary teachers on this enjoyable project for both the high school and elementary students.It has been most rewarding for Mrs. Evans over the years to work with former students who are now teachers in the Northern Lehigh School District such as Mrs.Dibilio, Miss DeFrain, and Mrs. McWilliams to name a few.


Ben Yenser


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