From the Editor’s Desk 3/14/13

By Joe Korba

It’s hard to believe that it’s March already! Working on a deadline really makes time fly by. With Major League Baseball Spring training starting and, if Puxatawny Phil was right, the weather hopefully getting warmer now that meteorological winter is ending I can’t help but look forward to walks down the Weissport Canal trail, fishing, Red Sox baseball and warm summer nights spent under the stars at Becky’s Drive In. Yeah, I’m ready for summer and all that comes with it.

This is around the time of year all of our home improvement specialists and lawn care folks start promoting their services again. So, if you need any work done around your house, or think your front lawn could use some first aid; make sure to check out our Home Improvement section.

This is also our ‘Women’s Edition.’ So, I’m going to keep my ruminating short and sweet and turn it over to the Gazette’s associate publisher, Alice Wanamaker.

From the Publisher’s Desk

By Alice Wanamaker – Associate Publisher

I’ll admit my desks are a mess most days. Yes, I said desks – as in plural. I outgrew having one desk about a year ago as the Gazette began growing exponentially. It’s filled with papers that need to be read and responded to and mail that needs opening. But it doesn’t end there. My iPhone calendar looks like a rainbow with appointments for this or that; trips to the gym, volunteer board activities, birthday reminders, planning meetings and even a few appointments to make Easter candy this month.

The number of ‘to-dos’ on my schedule is exhausting. This exhaustion is usually met with the realization that my schedule is nothing compared to most other women I know. How some gals manage a full time job, two kids, and a dog or two is beyond me. Some even pile on PTA, community outreach, and Pilates three times a week on top of it. The fact that they can find any time to get grocery shopping done, not to speak of finding a few hours to sleep, is amazing.

This issue is dedicated to you – the busy women of the Blue Mountain area! Hats off to you for managing your lives and families with grace and poise.

Note: March is National Women’s History month. This past year we lost one of my heroes: Ms. Sally Ride. Ride was a pioneer as the first American woman in space. She was a crewmember on the Space Shuttle Challenger, launching her first mission on June 18th, 1983. Over her career Ride spent more than 343 hours outside the confines of earth’s atmosphere. 


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